Tips for Select Decorative Mirrors, Difference from Aluminum and Silvered Mirror

 There are different kinds of decorative mirrors in the market; today we show you how to distinguish them.

 In the very beginning Aluminum mirror used in many aspects and latterly silvered mirrors and part of imported mirrors are accepted by people in bathroom.

 Aluminum and Silvered mirror are mostly with paint on the back of lead, so strictly said that both can’t be called green mirror.

 In recent years, silvered mirror technology is increased and innovated that it can use the paint without lead; it’s so called copper-free and lead-free mirrors, hence more and more eco-friendly green decorative mirrors existing in the market.

silvered mirror

 This kind of silvered mirror, we can see their backs are finished paint in light-grey color and widely accepted by most of clients from worldwide.

 Generally speaking, aluminum isn’t preventing mist thus, even its low cost but silver mirror are more popular for the bathrooms and durable.

 Norhs Mirror use eco-friendly crystal clear mirror, high reflective, giving clear and lifelike image. And we utilize erosion free silvered mirror glass for each model, preventing “black edge” and improving durability.

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