How to clean the wall bathroom vanity mirrors

Time : 2018-01-09 Source : Norhs

1, First of all, with a soft dry cloth or cotton to wipe the bathroom vanity mirrors, in order to prevent the mirror surface is abraded;

2, Please use soft cloth or cloth, dipped kerosene or some wax is wiped;

3, Don't use wet hand to touch the bathroom vanity mirrors, do not use wet cloth to wipe the mirror, avoid adding mirror of moisture.

4, Dip in with dishcloth milk, mirrors, picture frames, can make clear and bright;

5, The bathroom vanity mirrors must not come into contact with salt, fat and acid substances, corrosion and oxidation mirror;

6, Take a shower before, can be sticky liquid soap with dry cloth to wipe the wall mirror, mirror film to form a layer of liquid soap, can prevent lens blur;

7, Convergence can also use make up water or detergent;

8, You can use the paper of oil absorption face brush, the effect is good.

9, In the end, you can also use dry cloth dips in smear detergent on the bathroom vanity mirrors, wipe equably. Because detergent can effectively prevent water vapor condensation on the wall mirror in the bathroom, so can have very good anti-fog effect.

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