Norhs Mirrors Philosophy

Time : 2018-01-09 Source : Norhs

Time in the bathroom makes you know life better.

  Idea on the bathroom makes you enjoy life better.

  Space for the bathroom makes you love life more.

  Bathroom is a secret space of our life. Every day, after work, our body wants to take a shower or bathing, to relax our mind, to share the enjoyable pleasure time with our sprit.

  When we remove all our makeup and worldly concerns, we don’t quickly run away out of this secret space but we will more or less stay our own there for a while. Stand in front of the bathroom Mirror, to see the real face from who we are. Meanwhile, bathroom mirror is not only a glass but it’s the Reflect ambience to simplify your morning routine. Begin a new day from a Morning Bathroom Mirror.

  “Considering the habits of user (every day so many times we spent in front of mirror, whenever we leave the home in the morning or back home after work). We designed and Completed Bathroom mirror series offering more choices for people with different tastes, to feel and reflect them in a lifelike image” Said by Chief Designer and Ergonomics Engineer Dr. Bella, Norhs.

  “To perfect every article and detail in the bathroom, Norhs does its best to make every product fit for life, enliven it with artistic element and seek perfect merging of human and spatial factors. “ Said by Ms.Camille, one of Norhs distributor from Malta.

  Diversified products in different styles, sizes and angles or arcs present clients with different beauty of bathroom Mirror, to see ourselves, to touch who we are.

  That’s Vision of each piece of Norhs Mirror. Illuminate your space Bright up our life.

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